The way to a successful relationship

No one can deny that a “perfect” relationship is something far from reach, it may be realizable but in order to be in a so called perfect relationship, one must be committed and willing to put in the amount of effort needed.

I asked a few people what is the essence of a successful relationship, and here I’ll present you what was mostly common said about the subject.

  • Respect:

How can you be with someone if you don’t respect them and their being? Respect comes in first place as there is no bond or friendship or relationship whatsoever between 2 people built with no respect. And if there is, it is most likely to end in failure. One must respect the other in front of him, respect him as a whole: his being, his body, his own independent thinking, his decisions, his freedom…. We could go on and on about respect since it is essential for a long and healthy relationship.

  • Understanding:

Have you ever seen two persons that get each other without having to say a single word? One look, one movement and one gesture can say a whole lot. Understanding the other person is utterly important, it means you know them to a certain point where you get them easily. You don’t have to share the same opinions, or the same thoughts. Arguments are healthy too. Finding common ground and compromising for the sake of the relationship guarantees happiness for both sides. Understand your partner and their needs, be open for talking and sharing and for compromising.

  • Love

You think we forgot about love? Of course not ! As much as the two traits mentioned before are important, love is too. When you love someone, you care for them, value them and try as hard as you can not to hurt them. Love your significant other, tell them you do ! appreciate them and value them… let them know you are paying attention to what they’re doing to keep the relationship going, and put some effort into it yourself. When love is present and shown, you both wear your hearts on your sleeves which makes it a happier loving relationship !

  • Loyalty

Staying loyal and committed shows that you are 100% in for this person. Thus going around chasing other people while you’re with someone else destroys whatever you both have.
Yes, it is hard to be with ONE person for a while, but when you love them and want to be with them, being with another person becomes irrelevant and never an option. Fight for the person you love. It is worth it.

  • Arguing and listening.

Yes, I said it. Argue. But I also said, listen… when in an argument, don’t just hear the other person, listen to them and what they’re saying… and don’t just listen so you can find something to fire back with or reply to, truly listen to them..
when you listen, you’ll know what they want, so you can find something that will please you both. It’ll make the argument healthy for you, so you can always know what the other person is thinking of and want they are in need of.


Here are what people thought are the 5 essences of a true,happy,healthy relationship… when these 5 are found, everything else kicks in naturally.

Don’t forget to share what YOU think is the most important trait for long lasting relationship! Thank you for reading !


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