What is left is just a little.

Hello Hello guys !

How are you beautiful people ? How are you spending the beginning of your summer?
Well, however you’re choosing to spend it, make sure it makes you happy and leaves you with a whole lot of memories !! 🙂

This is my last OFFICIAL summer. Next year is my senior year, and after that, I’m off to college. Writing these words feels weird, so weird.

10 minutes ago, I was heading to my first ever day of school, well I don’t remember much of it, but I remember it was scary… scary but exciting.

I remember walking into a new building, a building that was ought to be my second “Home” for 14 upcoming years.

And 5 minutes ago, I was a 13 year old, a teen enjoying my first year of highschool, feeling responsible and all grown up.

And now? Well now im about to live my last year of school. EVER. Whaaaatttt??

Okay, I’m gonna let that sink in for a minute.

Next year, I’m going to be all about sending college applications, finding a suitable job, driving a car and all.

Never have I ever thought I will be writing,better yet, living these words.

My brother went through all of that before me, and it all seemed normal for me.. was he feeling the same? Do we all feel scared, excited, stressed, filled with adrenaline and all these weird feelings I’m experiencing ??

I guess a couple of billions before me felt this way. Thought about the same things I’m thinking about. Made a plan A then B,  C, D….

This is life. This is what every person is destined to experience and to live.

Life is a mix of phases… childhood is over for me, *well not exactly I’m still a child deep inside, aren’t we all??* And now, what’s left of my –Teen- years, is a little.

How about you share with me how did it feel like at this time of your lives?

I’m excited to know !

Have a blessed Saturday.


4 thoughts on “What is left is just a little.

  1. Well I graduated last year and I felt excited to know that I won’t have to write another essay in my life and I won’t have to use the pointless things in maths ever again. Admittedly, I wasn’t planning on going to college or university because it isn’t really something I have been interested in, finish studying to then go back to it, not for me. So now I am working and earning money and I plan on going out and experiencing what else is out there before going head on in one direction to then find out that direction isn’t best for me.

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