Little Changes In My Lifestyle.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that i’m all about a healthy lifestyle, and a fit body. However, in the past couple of months, there have been a lot of distractions, that have kept me away from doing the things i love; such as going to the gym or taking care of myself in a proper healthy way. I skipped meals, and ate a ton of calories all at once, stayed in my bed for far too long and didn’t move my body. I always found excuses, but excuses don’t show results. 19073698_10203053156848003_1569975559_n

Excuses, excuses… ” i don’t have the time” or ” i’m not in the mood .” We’ve all been there, right ?

See, i started attending these amazing classes my great friend and cousin is hosting, i bet you all know her; she’s the famous blogger Chantal Al Akkary, writer of  Le Blog De Chanty. She has this amazing Abs and Glutes class “Get fit with Chanty” that typically changed my lifestyle. Not only do i feel more energized, more comfortable in my own skin… but, it changed a lot in me.


Major changes have been made in my life, generally, i eat better, healthier, sleep better, FEEL better..
Not only that, but in a month,  i lost 2.3kgs. *Can i have a round of applause please?*
My body is toned, and ALMOST ready for summer !


The point is, and as i always used to say “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” I kicked the voices inside my head that used to bring me down, changed my perspectives, and decided to finally go for it.

You can always find an excuse, that is the easy part.  The hard part? Is actually committing to something and doing it. It isn’t just about going to the gym. eating better, or losing weight. It’s about anything you’ve been so distracted of doing, that you almost did everything but IT.

Set your mind to it, challenge yourself, say YES and just do it. It ain’t going to be easy, whatever it is. The journey is long and tough and hard, it’s full of ups and  downs, full of set backs, but that’s not the main thing. What matters is getting back up after falling down.

Special thanks to my amazing cousin and coach, for believing in me and being one of my motivations ! Chant, you’re the best!
Thanks to the Healthy lifestyle fam, for being a great environment !


Enjoy your weekend guys  🙂




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