Believe it, become it.

It’s okay not to like where you are right now. It’s okay not to love your current situation… It’s okay to want to change your life, and every corner of it. You might feel pressured, unable to breathe. Say it. Better yet, scream it.

“ I hate where I am right now. I hate it.”

Cry it out loud.

There’s nothing wrong about it, admit it. Admit it and do not run from it.
It’s  all okay until you surrender.  Until you give up. Hate it? Good. Change it !

Do not give in. it’s a tough world for a gentle innocent human like you… they can’t handle your kindness, your dreams, your ambition. They can’t put up with your desire to live a better life, to make this world a better place. And you know why? Because they gave up. They gave it all up a little too soon.. they were all like you, they had dreams and visions, and at some point, they just couldn’t take it. So they said okay for the current situation, that ugly miserable situation they were in. and they got used to it.

So look at it this way, do you want to be like them? Living just for the sake of living? Waking up each and every day because your Great Mighty God didn’t take your soul at night? Do you want to live a life, where you’re just waiting for your turn to get on that stairway to heaven ?

If you’re reading this, I guess I know the answer.

Drifting ways from the others and choosing to go on your own journey is hard, It’s hard to make such decision while you see them all going a certain direction.
Remember that 50 years from now, you would want to look back at your life with total satisfaction, and how would it be?

Change majors, do what you love, follow your heart, pack your bags and go find your happy place, make it worthwhile..
50 years from now, would it be your life, your story, if you’re just going to listen to your parents’ advice, do it the safe way, take the easy way out…?
Yes, sometimes you have  to  be the rebel, the one who wasn’t happy with his present, so they worked hard for a better future…

Work for it… you’re already dreaming about it.. so why give it all up?

Be the kid with the big big plans, be the crazy one who went after his art, after the love of his life, after what YOU believe in.

Say no to what you do not like, change it. If you don’t like how the table is set, turn it over.

You can do it. Believe in yourself, believe in your goals… chase them, turn them into a reality, and goddamn you can. Show them what not giving up tastes like.. show them what they left behind. What they were too afraid to chase. Do not follow their footsteps… create a new path, leave a great mark upon this world, be someone else’s “I Can”.

Is it hard? Totally.
will you feel like you can’t? yes,
But in 20, 30, 50 years… you’ll look back and say “ I Did It.”


2 thoughts on “Believe it, become it.

  1. Absolutely love this!!!!! Similar to a post on my page. Been living by the mantra “Bloom where you are planted” since the year began and it’s done wonders for my life and my whole outlook on life! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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