Argentinean Day !!

Buenos Dias Amigos !
Yes, I know a couple of Spanish words, so I can handle myself well if I travel to Spain or Argentina someday… Speaking of the great Argentina … We had an Argentinean day a couple of days ago at school ! It was one of our main projects this year, it took a lot of effort and work to put up an amazing show. The Ambassador of Argentina in Lebanon attended the event with his lovely wife, so  you can say it was kind of a big deal !

We served Argentinean food and all! Yumm!

The event consisted on a play, tango dances, and poems in Spanish to honor the souls of two Argentinean legends, Juan and Eva Peron.

As for myself, I took part of this event big time!

I said the poems along side one my friends, I sang in the play, and danced too !

It was huge for me for I’ve never EVER sang in front of a big crowd, even my schoolmates didn’t know that I had a pretty good voice.. so it was a surprise for them !

It took a lot of character to stand up and sing for one of the most OUTSTANDING voices nowadays, Adele! I sang Someone like you… it was moving for me, as I really ADORE this song.

I mean, no one dislikes any of Adele’s songs.. she’s amazing, no doubt.

To stand in front of my school principles, the Argentinean Ambassador, teachers, family and friends…  it was big. I was nervous, I can’t deny that ! But as I got on that stage,  I felt like I owned it, like there is no stopping me now. I sang my heart out.. and thank God, everyone liked it. As for the dance, it was cheerful and fun.. so I wasn’t nervous at all. I kept a huge smile on my face as I danced !

The event was a huge success, thanks to my English teacher who was there to support and help us in every step of the way…

Argentina… You’re an AMAZING country! Hope I can visit you one day to explore more of you !

Have a blessed weekend my friends!
Viva Argentina !


5 thoughts on “Argentinean Day !!

  1. How cool, Saraa!! Thanks for sharing your Argentinean day 🙂 Great pictures!

    Pretty brave thing to be able to perform like a champ in front of all of these people 🙂 🙂 🙂 I get stage fright when I have to speak in front of more than 3 people… lol

    Have a fabulous weekend!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha Cyrannyyy 😍😍😍
      thank you for your support my dearest one !!!
      Im pretty sure you’re more brave than you think you are ☺️
      Too much love❤


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