Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Thirteen reasons why is a young adult book published in 2007, that tells the story of a girl who committed suicide due to bullying and a lot of life problems. She left 7 cassettes explaining her motives to each and every person responsible of her suicide.

While this books tells the story of suicide motives, i found an outstanding idea that relates to the book, but in a positive matter.
It’s about not only raising awareness about suicide, but, it reminds us of our life blessings. Thirteen reasons why i’m happy, an idea that i originally found on 

Heads up for you my friend!!

So, before i  begin, i encourage everyone to do so and participate ! Let’s make this go viral!

*Drum Roll Please*
Here are my reasons:

1- I’m mostly happy to be blessed with a healthy life. Health is a priority and thank God a thousand times I’m healthy.

2-I have a family, a BIG family, although i just have one brother, but the number of cousins i have covers for that matter. Not only that, but i have a supportive, protective family. We look out for each other even if sometimes we seem to be a pain in one’s , ehem ehem, ass.

3- My bestfriend plays a HUGE role in providing me with such happiness. We’re more like sisters, and i guess after 10 years of friendship we have the right to call one another “sister”, don’t we ?
It’s the small things she does that make me the happiest. Here’s to you Chica.

4- Books. yes, you heard me. Books. Are. Happiness. Enough said.

5- I live near a forest and you may say that at some point, we owned a farm. Owning goats, a horse, chicken, rabbits, cats and dogs…I grew up petting animals and i guess that brought me happiness and joy. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Although we don’t have goats and rabbits anymore, but my 2 dogs, cats and my horse still make it feel like the good old days.

6- Happy because all of the good things people do. Yes, someone’s smile makes me smile, a small act of kindness makes me smile, donating money for a cause, volunteering, seeing someone help another in need, such things remind me that there is still some good in this world, therefore, i still have hope for the future, and that my friend is HAPPINESS.

7- My curls. They just make me super happy. ( not when they look like a huge cloud  on my head, but hey, curls are a gift from God.)

8- Happy to have a roof above my head. Always and forever grateful to have such hardworking parents who’d go round the globe a hundred times just to make sure i never sleep on an empty stomach. If that isn’t enough, i don’t know what is.

9- happy to have been able to live in an era of legends. Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Frank Sinatra, and all the late music legends. I can’t even imagine  a life without their musical masterpiece.

10- Because Puppies. Don’t get me started on PUPPIES.

11- Chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. I don’t even know if it’s my source of happiness… but okay.

12- Happy for being Alive. For waking up today for i don’t know if i’ll wake up tomorrow. I’m breathing. I’m Alive.

13- Happy to have made people happy. I can’t even express what making someone smile does to me. It makes me feel as if i accomplished something, and yet i did. Be kind and make someone smile each day. You never know what a single smile can do, It CAN  save someone’s life. It can make someone think twice about killing themselves. Save lives and make people happy. It doesn’t require much, be nice. That’s all.

Let us stop this madness. Bullying should come to an end. And if we can’t stop people from bullying, we can make people smile and happy despite that, and then, the world will change on its own. It’s the small things that count. I always say that and i’ll continue on saying so. Do small things, these things count i promise. And when in doubt, count your blessings. There is so much to live for. Live for yourself, because you deserve to be alive and happy. Live for the good in this world, and live to make the world a better place, Leave a legacy behind.  Be happy, be Alive.

Don’t be another Hannah Baker.

Always remember, be a happy kid !





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