Beautiful is Pain.


We listen to a huge amount of songs during a day, some we might dislike, and some we put on repeat.
I hold an open mind about songs, I’m ready to listen to each genre; Classic, RnB, Jazz, Pop, French, Arabic, Oldies… whatever it is, if i like; I LIKE IT.

But you know, you might like a lot of songs, i know i do, but there is one specific genre i just can’t ignore; The type of songs that hold a message within the lyrics.

No, not the “I love you i need you” or the ”  I’m better off without you” or the famous ” I got money i got swag” type of message. the “I feel better about myself after listening to this” type of song.

No matter how hard we try to ignore it, there are those songs that suddenly make you smile and feel better. We often say that the lyrics speak to us, and put into words what we find impossible to say. And that is quite right.

So today, i come to share with you an amazing song, with such big and real meaning, you might have already listened to it, but i urge you all to watch the music video and REALLY listen to it.

For me, this isn’t just a song sung by a beautiful talented artist such as Alessia Cara. Scars to your beautiful is an OUTSTANDING song.

It reminds each and every one of us that “BEAUTIFUL” comes in all shapes, all colors, all sizes. Beautiful, is that bright smile you have, even though you hide it when you laugh, it’s the stretchmarks you got because you dropped 10kgs in a matter of days to please yourself and feel better about the number on the scale, It’s the battle you won with cancer, that left you with scars on your body and traces of tiredness on your face embodied by the wrinkles you hide with your makeup. It’s the scars of cuts on your wrists, it’s everything you hate and neglect about yourself.

You’re all beautiful, in your way. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Listen to this song whenever you doubt yourself and feel like your beauty is being shadowed.

Happy Easter to all ! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Beautiful is Pain.

  1. No matter how beautiful a scar is, it’s still a scar. And scars, even though they tell a story, and even though they’re part of a person’s identity, are still repulsive. The message conveyed by the song is nice, but, unfortunately, it won’t change a thing.

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    1. It can change a lot of things, i do agree though, a scar is a “scar”. But it’s all about perspectives. It’s how you choose to see your scars. You can choose to wear them with pride and you can choose not to let them define you in a way where you hide from others because of them, or you can surrender yourself to them, and let them control you.
      It’s hard to be a warrior and a survivor, but it’s worth the shot.
      We should know that our scars, they make us beautiful. We are beautiful. And we should not forget that.
      Have a wonderful day dear !

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