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We all love different things, so when we’re asked “what do you love”, our answers differ from : my phone, my fav book, my mom, my boyfriend, my hair, my car, ect…
There are a thousand, yet a million things we love, but we often forget one thing.

We forget to love ourselves. Yes, loving our body, our mind, our smile, every atom of our body, is a MUST.

How can we expect to be loved in every way possible, if we don’t love and value ourselves first?

Here’s the deal;
You won’t be loved, truly loved, until you learn to love yourself.
So when they ask  you, what do you love? remember to always mention yourself.

You should be loved by yourself, you matter more than a phone or an expensive car or a luxurious house. These things can be bought, can be changed and modified in so many ways, these things can be copied and in a blink of an eye, they lose their value when another version of them is made.

But you, you cannot be demolished. There is only ONE you, and if YOU don’t know the value of that fact, no one else will.

Love yourself, pamper yourself, treat yourself with respect and care… And watch the world love and respect you as well!


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. I love Word Porn quotes, and I have seen that one before 🙂 It makes me think about how difficult it is to love ourselves in just the right way. Enough not to care too much about what others think about us, and not to the point where people become arrogant and self centered..

    Love is a complicated feeling to deal with, even when it comes to loving our own self! Thanks for sharing Saraa 🙂 xx

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