Something to remember


Dear Kido,

I’m writing you just to let you know a couple of things I might not have told you about.

Life is a rollercoaster, you better be ready for the ride. As fun as it sounds, it’s goddamn scary.

One of the craziest adventures I went through your age, was participating in MUN (Model United Nations). Not only was it fun and awesome, but, it got to me make who I am today. It opened up my eyes to some kind of potential I didn’t know I had. Not only do I suggest you go for it , but, kickass while you’re at it.

Second of all, there’s something about  people I would want you to have too. You see, everyone has that special something about them that makes them unique and that is a part of who they are. It makes them shine and sparkle. As for me, I’m proud of that passion I have. Passion towards everything, a person, something I love to do… most importantly, passion about writing. Passion gives you that spark in your eyes that enlightens others around you. When you love what you do, you do it bigger and better. So, go for that one thing you love. Live your life waking up not only to go to work, but, to go and do what you do best. And when you meet someone new, give them the feeling that they can rely on you, trust you, because you’re here for everyone in need. Be kind, be good and be yourself.

But, the most important thing, the thing that I would never want you, as my kid, to go through, the thing that hurts the most, is giving your all to people, who don’t quite deserve it. So be cautious. It CAN destroy you. It can ruin you. However, being careful with your heart and self doesn’t make you selfish anyhow. It makes you smart, it means you know your worth.
Please, keep that precious part of yourself safe. Keep it clean and shining. Once it gets destroyed, it won’t go back to its initial state.

My kido, I might meet you in 5 years, or in 15. No matter what, I promise, I’ll love you more than anything. I just want you to be strong and independent. Be yourself cause you’re beautiful. Your soul is pure,  keep it that way.

Learn from my mistakes, and make a few yourself. Chase them dreams, live a happy life.

Live a life you won’t regret.


A Letter to my future kid


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