Here’s the story of a girl who grew up to be a strong independent badass woman.

She was a little girl, who had to leave her country with her family, and take another as a home. She grew up, with her family being torn apart; her older sisters got married, her brothers left home, some traveled and some no.

She went to school, studied hard, and got to go to college. However, she didn’t have the chance to get her diploma. War got in her way, and she had to leave her studies aside. She had to find a job so she can help her mom and dad who got old.Thus, She found a job, and started working.

Her first huge obstacle was her dad passing away… She’s lost a piece of her heart. But, she knew, she had to gather every piece of strength she had, and carry on. Life happens, right?

A young woman, working, living, going out with some friends and just being herself.

Unexpected, she met her lifepartner. she got engaged, fell in love, but something had to speed up the process. Her mom got sick, day after day, she knew she had to make her mom happy, and herself happy. She couldn’t accept the fact that she might get married, without her mom being there, and to avoid such consequence, she got married fast enough so her mom wouldn’t miss it. She quit her job, moved in with her husband at her brand new “home”, but got to see her mom happy.

A year later, she had a son, which brought enormous joy, but what broke her heart again, was  the death of her mom. This time was a little different, she had gone through this before,  she knew she shouldn’t get too weak, for the sake of her family. She knew her mom and dad were there watching over her, so  she carried on.

4 years later, she had a daughter. She dedicated her life to them, both of her children. Her biggest desire was to see them all grown up, happy and healthy. She watched over them, helped them and guided them, raised them to be decent human beings. She gave them her all. She stayed up late when they were sick, never slept till they got better, and at times of their happiness and joy, she made sure it lasted long enough. They were her everything. They still are.

This story isn’t some made up story, this story belongs to my Mom, my superwoman, my love, my life and my strength. Mom, you make everything better, brighter. I appreciate everything you went trough, and you got to turn into a badass strong woman. i envy you, for your power, your wisdom, your intelligence and beauty. Gosh, mom, you don’t know  how amazing you are. As I promised, i’ll renew this promise: One day, as soon as i can, i’ll make sure I  make you 100000 times happier. I love you.

Thank you for everything my sunshine !

Happy Mother’s day ! 🙂

God bless your mothers dearest friends !



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