Never too young

I think  it’s pretty obvious that writing is a priority to me. I always seem to mention how writing makes me feel, how it makes everything “fine” and how it takes me to a whole new world.

Because of that, (And many more reasons), I started working on my book. It’s been almost 6 months. Is it hard ? Yes. But is it doable ? DEFINITELY.

I know, writing a book doesn’t just happen over night, i know  it takes months and years, a lot of hard work and dedication. I know a book doesn’t simply sell and become a best seller, i know i’ll have to face criticism and a lot of  NOs, but it’s worth it. I always dreamed of getting a book published, ever since i first lied hands on the Harry Potter series. JK Rolling inspires me, and makes me believe that writing a book and getting it published is truly, doable.


I know,  i’ll have to go through my first draft, second, third… ECT. But one day, i’ll hold my book, my own chapters, words and my own work, a book of my own creation, i’ll hold that precious piece of art, and cherish it. It’ll be MY book. How huge is that ?

Holding something you wrote, piece by piece, word by word. Something that kept you up endless nights, that book that made you doubt yourself and say that you won’t do it, you can’t… but the day you see it, all of it, you’ll realise that you made it. after a long journey and a long ride, you made it.

I thrive for that moment, i crave it, and that is why i won’t and will NEVER give up on writing. My writing isn’t perfect, it’s open for a lot of improvements. I know, my writing doesn’t please everyone, we will share our stories in different ways, that’s what makes us special and unique. Why would i write the same way you do? why would you write the same way your friend does? Where’s your own self? If you don’t write and put all of your atoms and pieces in that writing, it’s not true.

Write a story you would want to read. Write a story that inspires you, that keeps you going. Remember, you’re a reader, if you’re not proud of your own writing, who’ll care enough to read it  ?

That is why, i still believe in myself, in my own style and my own vision. I wouldn’t change, and be someone i’m not. I write, and i make sure that the book (blog post), reflects me. and only me.

Stay true to yourself, write. Write. And write some more !







6 thoughts on “Never too young

  1. Amen, Saraa!

    A couple of years ago I wrote a book for the “fun of it” because I know the story wouldn’t get much attention if I tried to get published. But I printed page after page and assembled my book to visualize the work done. And every time I doubt myself, I take that pile of paper out of the closet, and remember I could do it back then, meaning I could do it anytime! 🙂

    Keep up the good spirit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe this time you’ll be able to write something and get it published !!
      It’s never too late to edit the old book maybe , or write something new ! ☺️
      Too much loveeee ❤❤❤❤


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