Happy kids

We were those lost kids you read books or watch movies about. Just for one night, we were free…At least, we felt like it. Thus, we called ourselves “Happy Kids”.

Happy? Yes.

Truly? Maybe.

We let go of all our problems, held hands and danced in the middle of nowhere, in a street where the moon felt like our only companion.

City lights made us feel brave, the light merged with us, making us fierce and fearless.

We were these kids, those who were afraid of nothing. However, We knew one thing, we ride together or we die together, for one night. 

One night only pushed us towards growing up and old. Happy kids… kids who sing and dance like nobody’s watching, who, when united.. move mountains. 

And we know… if we ever go separate ways, we’ll keep these memories.. especially those of that one night in mid February. We’ll keep the pictures we took right where our hearts are…

Happy kid.


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