In love with the feeling

Is it normal to feel like you’re running out of oxygen, whilst doing nothing at all?Is it normal to get chills, even when it’s a hundred degrees out there?

Is it normal to lose track of the dimension you’re in? Feeling like you’re out of this world, like you no longer belong here?

You belong in a world of your own creation, a world about *you* and your *lover*.

It is normal indeed. That’s what we call “love”.

A lie of human creation. We wrapped all if these feelings and called them “love”. 

My guess is, love, is complicated, mysterious , worrying. It makes you sick to your stomach at a time, you feel dead-like, and at other times you other feel unbearable pain. You feel nothing or everything all at once.

Bizarre, ain’t it?

However, all of this mystery, this black dark world, VANISHES. And a bright shiny new day takes place, the minute you see him. You feel at ease. You’re relaxed, as if every muscle, every atom of your body is at ease. Your soul brightens up, you’re alive again. The minute you lay eyes on him and he notices you, he approches, holds your hand, moves you closer.. further and further more, till there’s less than an inch between you two, just enough room for both of you to breathe.

He looks in your eyes, and you just know.. he sees through you.

He knows all of your dark secrets, all of the awful places burried inside your mind beneath the smile you fake. He knows. And it’s the brown in his eyes that puts your demons to sleep. You’re there in the moment, you’re OKAY.  

He’s here, and that’s all that matters.

Suddenly, he leans in for a kiss and he finds his way perfectly to your cheek. You feel the warmth of his breath and the softness of his lips, and your soul shivers. It shakes you to the core. But it’s the good kind of shake. It reminds you of the good that’s waiting right around the corner.

You grab his hand,and off you go. Forgetting the nightmare that might conquer your love.

The pain that might take joy’s place. 

You forget the bad this love had caused you.

You surrender; you’re in LOVE.
It’s a blessing, and damn right, it’s a CURSE.

-Sara H Akkary


3 thoughts on “In love with the feeling

  1. Humans have been obsessed with love as long as history has existed. But maybe happiness and love almost never go together. There is too much jealousy, misunderstanding and bitterness. Sex is always complicated and rarely in harmony with affection. It would be best never to put too much faith in relationships. By contrast, consider how rewarding most friendships are: here we are polite, we look for agreement, we don’t scold or berate and we aren’t possessive. But the problem is we don’t see our friends enough. We let work and family take precedence. We can’t find the time. They live too far away.


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