How often

Hello hello!! Finally, my midterms are over! No more studying like 10 hours per day, no more waking up at 5 am to review, and no more stressing out about exams !! *sigh*

Time to focus on my blog and my book! 

But you see, in the previous week, i heard a lot of :

” I’m not capable of ..”

” I can’t do this, I’m going to fail the test”

” it’s too hard, i won’t be able to!”

Plus, I saw a lot of tears. 

I heard friends saying that, friends crying, friends doubting themselves. 

But who doesn’t? We all overthink the tiniest of things. We get scared. We worry. 

And it’s not about school exams anymore. When you constantly say “I Can Not”. You’ll convince yourself that you CAN NOT do anything. You’ll sit back and watch people DO, while you’re too scared to even TRY. 

It haunts you, so you miss out on great opportunities, you turn down amazing chances, and it’s all because in your mind ” YOU CAN NOT.”

But.. who doesn’t fail? You need to fail, to try harder! You gotta fail. Your failure doesn’t indicate the end of your journey, it indicates how CLOSE you are ! It’s one step at a time. 

Failed at this test? It’s okay, you have another one. Study harder. Push yourself. Challenge yourself. You’ll get there. 

You just gotta clear your mind of all the negatives thoughts you think, the toxic thoughts you have and all the unnecessary worries ! 

Try.. it’s okay. Once a failure, always a lesson! 


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