Crying out; Equality!

Yesterday’s march had so much more meaning than what people actually understood.People, and moslty men, posted quotes about women underestimating themselves by asking to be men’s equal, and they said ” You are superior, why are you asking to be our equal?” 

No. We are no one’s superior. We are equal, created equally. We have the same MENTAL and PHYSICAL abilities. Speaking of physical abilities, girls are used to describe weakness . We say : “Stop acting like a pussy.” Or ” you hit like a girl”. Better yet, what’s wrong with hitting or throwing like a girl? Have you experienced period pain? Labor pain? Having a human being living inside of you for 9 freaking months?! Don’t talk to me about physical strength, grow a vagina and give birth to a human being, then talk. 

We’ve fought long enough to earn the rights we DESERVE. We fought for our right to vote, our right to have a proper job. So if you’re talking about “women being superior” why aren’t we getting paid the same pay as you, whilst we’re doing the exact same job?? 

Why are girls forced to marry their rapist?! You’re throwing the victim right to the wolf to tear her to pieces. You actually believe that if a girl gets raped, it rips off her dignity and pride. It undresses her from all the respect she has. And dont mind me saying, you’re a moron. You want the victim to marry the rapist so he can rape her more? Moreover, rape her to death?! And what’s your excuse? She was dressed in a seductive way? What is so seductive about a pair of jeans and a tshirt?! Is that why you rape dogs and other animals? Were they wearing a sexy bikini?? I think not! Control your damn hormones!

You treat your girlfriend/fiancee/wife as your sex machine, well wake up darling, we are not your pleasure factory! You cannot ensalve us, beat us and humiliate us because it brings you pleasure! And when you catch a girl kissing her boyfriend publicly, you judge her by referring to her as ” a disrespectful woman”, but hey.. a Man bragging about “grabbing women by the pussy” or ” kissing beautiful women because he’s powerful enough” is so damn fine by society! 

” MY BODY, MY CHOICE.” You have no authority over my body. You do not control my body. I do. My body is mine to take care of. Instead of calling me “hot”, or whatever disrespectful words you use to criticize a woman’s body. 

You think im so carried away by whats going on in Europe or America, but it’s not the case. What about women’s right in the middle east? Same things apply. Moreover, women is Saudi Arabia still dont have the right to drive a car, because… ?? I dont think husbands are so loving and caring that they dont want their wives to be involved in car accidents.. new excuses are needed, we’re not convinced. 

Women are being accused of not wearing Hijab in The middle east, whilst they are judged by wearing the Hijab in Europe. Im feeling like women aren’t the problem anymore!
So.. To sum this shit up, You charged us for not fighting for the rights we deserve , and now, that we finally are, our acts are not welcomed. 

Yes. Im a feminist; a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

-Sara H. Akkary

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