Do we have Time?

We’re held in our mothers’ tummies for 9 months and that period passes as if it were 9 minutes and TADA, we’re brought to this world. We turn one month old and in a blink of an eye we turn 10… 12…16..20..

We think we have all the time in the world to “live”. Time to enjoy our childhood, our teen years, school, college… We’re convinced in that. We’re SO convinced that we keep on saying “Tomorrow”. Yet tomorrow never comes. However, it’s not time’s fault. We take time for granted and we don’t know how to use it properly, how to make the best out of the  time we have.

The thing is, Some say that time is infinite. We live till what? 80-90? Basically we spend 80 YEARS on Earth.  And what do we do with this time?  We wait till some miracle happens so we get what we want without doing a thing.

We don’t value time. You see, you can do nothing during your school year, so  you double your class and re-do your year. You re-take the same classes. It’s okay, it happens… right? WRONG.


The time you lost, won’t be back. You’ll re-do your year, but you won’t “re-live” that year. 365 days passed and you won’t get these days back.

Value time. 80 years can pass so quickly that the next thing you notice is that you’re on your death bed saying: I regret NOT doing this or that. You won’t regret the things you did, on the contrary, you’ll regret every word you  didn’t say while you had the chance to, you’ll regret every opportunity you let go of , you’ll regret the time you spent doing nothing when you had the chance to do SOMETHING and change your life.

You have time, but you don’t.

Be smart,, use your time in the right way and make time for everything. Everything you love. You want to write? make time for it. You want to spend time with your family? do it.

Live while you’re alive!




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