Movie Review : -Joy-

Hey all ! Weekend is here !!! How are you going to spend it? 🙂
Whatever you do, hope it’ll be fun, stay happy and healthy !

So, I just watched this movie called “Joy”, starring Jennifer Lawrence, released in 2015. it is “kinda” based on a true story.

The movie is about a young woman struggling with her life, she’s divorced as well as her parents and has two young children. She lives with her ex-husband, mom, dad and grandma plus her two kids in a small house she owns. Her life is so messed up, she has no real job, her sister is a pain in the ass, her dad is a little bit crazy and her mom is hiding from the world. The only true inspiration she had was her grandma.

Joy, as a kid, used to always invent stuff. Till one day, she invented a dog collar, however a company took her idea and gave her zero credit. In the mean time, her life was falling apart even more. She had to do something. She couldn’t bear the thought of living in debt and misery. The pressure her entourage put on her was unbearable, yet, she still managed.  Her dad was the “dating” type of man, and one day he met this wealthy widow who had an enormous fortune left by her husband.

One day, living in the same routine and the same crazy atmosphere, a glass was dropped and broke on the floor, leaving Joy no option other than to mop the floor to clean. She hurt her hands with the broken glass and got depressed. That, THAT, gave her an extraordinary idea. A new invention. Something to create. She got up, got her daughter’s crayons and paper, draw her invention and… voila. A new original mop.

She got her dad to speak to his new wealthy girlfriend, so that she can bring her invention to life. After some struggle, she was able to create her first mop.

She suffered, and couldn’t sell her product. She suffered as hell. But, one chance knocked on her door failure after failure. She was able to bring her product live on TV to get it sold. Yet, it didn’t sell. Not even one.

She was in debt. Huge debt. BUT, she didn’t doubt herself. She went live on TV to sell her product herself. She invented it, she got the head of the company to get it on TV, so SHE, she can sell the product.

And she did. She sold one hundred thousand mops. She felt like she can finally live again… until her sister got her into trouble so she got problems with her patent.

This was her biggest failure. Her lawyer did some damage, she couldn’t fix. This was it. or was it?

She stayed up late that night, going through her contracts and she realized one thing, she was deceived by people. She woke up, made some phone calls to prove she was right, the mop was her invention and there was nothing like that mop, no one ever invented something close to it, she had no competition in the market, so all of the things that were said and made, they were all “Lies”.

She faced the man behind this, and she won. Later on, after many years, she became number 1 in the business industry. She had her own company. She helped people introduce their products and their inventions.

She worked hard, she suffered, she faced many failures. She had her life and the lives of all those she cared about on the line, yet she managed to survive. She believed in herself. She hit rock bottom, but she got back up.

Trailer :

This movie gives us a lot to think about, but there’s one thing’s for sure. If you believe that you can move mountains, believe me , You can. all you need is  a little faith in yourself and the thing you’re doing. There will be downs, there will be difficulties and challenges, and if you’re going to give up at the first hard punch in the face, you won’t make it. You better hide. If you do, you’ll lose yourself. So don’t. fight. fight hard. fight for what you believe in. You’ll get there!


11 thoughts on “Movie Review : -Joy-

  1. The movie sounds great and I basically approve of anything with Jennifer in it:P
    I’m gonna spend my weekend doing nothing for once and I am very much liking it so far:) I have a tiny bit of homework , but it’s nothing compared to the endless hours of Netflix I’ll be able to watch ;P
    I hope you enjoy yours too!

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