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I’ve been away since Christmas, my bad. I got sick, like real sick.. i had fever and got the flu so i spent Christmas and the last couple of days in bed. I did absolutely NOTHING so i felt kinda useless.

Thank God, I’m all better now, therefore i can spend New Year as i want to ! 

Any how.. Remember my ” Jar of Happiness”? I posted about it last year, for those who don’t know, it’s a jar and i put all my happy memories in it, i did so for this whole year. And today, i opened it, read my memories, teared them, and burnt them. 

Some may wonder, why I did so.

First of all, by the end of this year, i wanted to count my blessings and remember that it was a good year, i had downs, but i had UPs too.

I burnt my memories because i didn’t want to stay attached to the events that have occured in 2016, it’s all set and done. Time to create new memories. 
Another thing i noticed while reading my memories, is that i noticed the absence of some in my good memories. We always keep a couple of people in mind as good ones, those we shared good memories in the past, but this year, they completely vanished from our lives and all we have left are sad memories and suffering they caused us. And it hit me. Im attached to the loooong gone great memories i have of these people, but i forgot the harm they caused this year. I have zero good memory of them this year. It’s time to say goodbye and let them go. Its time to move on. 

Not to forget, the amazing people who shared my memories with me. My family, Mom, Dad, Jawad(brother). My bestfriends, my soul sister, Jane. My little brother *from another mother as they say* George. You made this year a remarkable one. My cousins and friends. I wish you all great success, Joy, Love, Health ! I hope to create even more memories with you this year, we have 365 left. Let’s make the best out of them.

And to you, My WordPress Friends. Fellow Bloggers, Family. I’m the luckiest person alive to have met such AMAZING TALENTED writers. You’re support is what keeps me going. Let’s pray that this year will bring us all success and growth. Thank you for an incredible year. Thank you for the memories and for the laughs. 

2016, You’ve been tough, you taught me a lot, you made cry and you made me laugh. You made me grow. You made me what i am today. I lost some and i gained some. I learnt valuable life lessons. You pushed me to the limits and made me realise i can do more. Farewells 2016. It’s time to say goodbye to you. 

2017… I’m not afraid. I’m optimistic. I have hope. You’ll be even better, I Hope. Let’s enjoy the ride and see. 

My dearests! Happy new Year to all !! Enjoy it guys and I’ll post some other posts to look back at 2016 one last time !!

Bless you all❤️


20 thoughts on “Page 365

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people TALK about doing one of these jars, but I’ve never seen someone do it — and while I did think it was strange that you burned your memories at first, I get it now. It’s better to live in the present, not the past.

    “It’s time to say goodbye and let them go. Its time to move on. ”

    ^^ Love this. Rock on!!!

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