I still long for her presence and her smile still haunts me everywhere I go and whatever I do, I picture her here, watching me like she’s never left.

I picture her sleeping next to me and I can still hear her breathing.. In.. Out.. 

But whenever I wake up haunted by my nightmares, I search for her! For her presence! I search for Her body laying next to me in bed, her hands and her lips to comfort me.. she’s gone still. 

What comforts me ?? Her ghost and her embrace, I’m sane when i feel her here .. but the minute i close my eyes and she’s not there … I’m LOST.


He’s long gone but my memories of him keep me company,The pictures we took, the things we got together..

I feel him like he was never gone.

In the pictures he smiles.. and it’s like he’s still smiling at me, watching me cook, bathe, read.. 

i force myself not to fall for that innocent smile of his, but i can’t help it! He’s gone and i miss him. I still feel the echo of his fingers caressing my body, yet i miss him still. But he’s gone.

” They went separate ways, him north.. her south.. but they forgot one thing: The Earth is round”

12 thoughts on “Echoes 

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    1. Cyrannyyy !!!
      It’s always a pleasure to know that you enjoyed my piece !
      Hahahahaha well im pretty sure you can come up with better lines ! 😉
      No doubt in that my dear!!!
      Loveee ❤️❤️


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