And time flies.

I usually go to school by bus, so each morning im accompanied by 4 kids and a couple of teens.. it’s kind of a small bus. A van.

So two of these kids live right across the street, Sam and Eli. 

the other day, they were enjoying their morning chitchat, like they always do, talking about a game, and stuff they have in common.

So Sam, the older one askes me:” Sara, in how many years will you go to college?”

I froze for a second and replied :” In just one year little one! :)”

So both of them looked at each other surprised and Eli had that look on his face that made me realise how old i was, to them.

Sam continued on:” You know, in 9 years I’ll go to college! And Eli, You have 11 years left!!”

They were so excited ! Whilst, i felt old!

9 years ago, i was as old as Sam… and now, im going through my last school years! How did THAT happen?!

When did i get so old..? 

I used to be a kid, just like them. Interested in them same things they’re interested in, playing in the sand and enjoying my childhood… till my childhood slipped away and i turned into a grown girl. I can see the look on my family members’ faces when they see me wearing heels or something fancy..


I’m not a child anymore..

Im a woman.

And I’m wondering, whether i should grief or be happy.

Indeed …. time flies.


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