We Escape

I, myself, have found a secret door… one that is able to drag me, piece by piece, every inch of my soul, pull my into a new world.

No, im not a magician, nor mentally ill.. i kinda imagine stuff, but THAT is not one of my imagination. This link between me, and this fantasy… is a Book.

I love words.

I love that intensity within each written sentence.

I love the passion.

I love the smell.

I love the pages.. the paper..

I love its looks, its definition, its meaning.

It is truly my espace. Each book i read brings a certain feeling, adds a little bit to my knowledge, my vocab, my emotions, myself.

The characters, i can relate to them.

The plot? I can imagine myself going through similar situations.

You can hate books, but believe me, there is always that ONE book, minimum ONE BOOK, that you find and read and stop…


And say:” Damn.”

Read for joy, read for pleasure, read for your love of reading. Read.

And after that.. read a little more!


5 thoughts on “We Escape

  1. I agree… A good read is always like a trip 🙂 And to me it is sad that books are going the digital way. Like you, I love the feel of books, and even more the smell of them. Nothing beats getting a good sniff of and old one… 😉

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