Christmas everyday

Christmas is joy, giving and love. These values were manifested today when Grade 10 and 11 got together at school, at church.

We wrote our own wishes and animuses, mine was of my own writing : ” Mighty God, Help us preserve the Earth you gave us. Let’s not ruin your art, let’s prove we are Humans. ” -Sara

We put these wishes in the hands of God, along side our sins and our negative traits that we carry. The goal was to renew our hearts and souls, so in the birth of our Lord, we are reborn too. 

Giving was represented today by the humble act we did. Each one of us students donated some money for people who need it more than us. Just like the Kings came and visited Jesus and gave him perfume and gold.

In addition, Joy was found when we all sang together Christmas Carols. One voice. One love. We realised that the true gift isnt the one under the Christmas tree, but in every smile, every laugh,every hope and every good act we do now, and in our daily life.

Christmas isnt just now.. Christmas is yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Hold onto that Christmas spirit ..!🎁🌲


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