Through her eyes

She stood there, next to her penthouse window. She could see the whole city through it which made her feel like she was on the edge of a whole new world. Like she was witnessing “Life” occurring.

She could see taxi cars and buses driving on the highway, People walking like robots, all headed to one direction. Houses and buildings everywhere.
That was city life.

She stood there, picturing what people where thinking about roaming through New York City. What if that man was late for work and was running like a freak to get there before he gets fired? What if that Teenage girl had a lot to think about, and was depressed? What if that woman was going to get her nails done so she could look good enough for her date tonight?  What if in that apartment, a couple was fighting and a relationship was about to end?

People are everywhere, and each has stuff on his mind. Each one of them is going to get some task done, each has a purpose to fulfill today.

She stood there and admired human-nature.

She admired the harmony and the variation that were present in that very moment.

It was a lot to take In, a lot to understand.

People seemed different, yet looked so much alike.

She was amazed, she stood there… she stood there for hours… and she knew, she could stare at that view forever.



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