An Evening with Some Friends

It was St. Barbara’s day Yesterday, its kinda close to what Halloween is in the US.

Kids dress up and go trick or treating.  although my friends and I are kind of “old” for that tradition now, but… hey! You can never blame us for putting a costume on, and filling the village with some posotive energy!

We were 5, we went down on the streets and sang and visited some random people, and well.. we got our Candyy!!

I feel like we’re never too old for that… It’s a tradition that will never get out of “style”.

Friends reuinte, and we enjoy ourselves! We visit people who sing and dance along with us, and we can see by the look on their faces, that they are hapy we came!

Here’s my costume and my bestfriend’s costume. I didn’t get to take photos of the others.😪

I was a Gypsy woman, and my bestfriend was a little doll!

Have a blessed week everyone !!

Make the best out of it🤗


3 thoughts on “An Evening with Some Friends

  1. Happy St-Barbara day a bit late Saraa! I didn’t know about this holiday before, and it looks like a lot of fun!! You are right, there is no age limit for having a good time with friends… Even when I got too old to go trick or treating on Halloween, I always enjoyed dressing up and walking around town to watch the kids enjoying themselves!

    Have a wonderful week!! *Hugs*

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