Self expression.. is it endangered?

Post 13 billion years of evolution, you’d expect our race to have reached a certain level of “Sophistication”, and protection for people’s lives and their basic rights.

However, terrorism managed to steal not only our souls, but our freedoms… among them, that of speech and self-expression.
Terrorist organization is chopping the heads off of citizens’ journalists, critics who talk against them and their beliefs. They force neutral or passive individuals to choose between committing to what they think is their definition of a “proper way of life” and death!

We are peaceful. We are against terrorism ad we should all justify freedom of speech as crucial, being “Democratic Humans”. All nations, who are suffering from terrorist organizations crawling in their countries should preserve the rights of journalists and public writers, no matter their opinion, if they choose to address these monsters, and provide protection of civilians often interrogated about their ideologies, by containing this terrorist infiltration amongst and between their borders.

Words are more powerful than guns…


3 thoughts on “Self expression.. is it endangered?

  1. Very true Saraa… Media muzzling is a frightening side of war and terrorism. It shows how close minded those people are, and it is scary to see them spread their own one -sided ideas by not giving people a choice.

    Great post!

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