Untitled Independence

November 22nd 1943… a date to remember.


Today, we celebrate Lebanon’s 73rd Independence anniversary, which is all good and great.

It’s been 73 years since Lebanon was able to fight and earn its independence, the day when Bechara El Khoury and Riyad El Soloh and every Lebanese Citizen were able to fight the French Government for the sake of Lebanon’s safety. They fought, and they won.

Throughout those 73 years, 13 men made their way to the presidency and ruled in the name of Lebanon. Some were bad, some were good, and some… will be remembered and cherished forever. Men like Bechara El Khoury, Lebanon’s first president. Men like Basheer El Gemayel who was murdered in his own home, for he never agreed on making Lebanon a puppet in the murderer’s hands. So he sacrificed his own life.

Lebanon’s freedom is still maintained “somehow”. Lebanon was never truly free. Lebanon was, and still living on decisions foreign countries make for it. And that makes me wonder. Wonder If the Lebanese Martyrs were still alive, would they say YES to this? From the smallest youngest soldier to the most powerful martyr, Would they be proud?

I guess not.

People have died for this Country, thus, we take that for granted. We bring them shame instead of total freedom and a thank you for what they’ve done…..

Today, We also celebrate the 10th anniversary for the assassinate of Sheikh Pierre Amin El Gemayel… This man loved this country to death, literally. The powerful feared him, so they killed him.
Pierre, I will never forget your short 34 years of life you lived here. Your legacy will live on by your words and greatness. We will never forget you. And we pray that one day, we will be able  to love this country as much as you did.


Lebanon… You’re a beautiful country. I’m sorry for all the bad leaders that took you for granted and never fought for you.  I’m sorry because, we don’t fight for you! And if we fight, we fight not by your name, but by one’s name. We chant your national anthem, but we transform it into a political, religious anthem. We bring you shame, and each and every day you sacrifice soldiers, men, women and young children to wake us up… but we’re still sleeping.

Lebanon, I’m  sorry it had to be like that. I’m sorry other countries see you as a threat, and want to conquer you. I’m sorry you’re considered weak, whilst you have the strongest army. I’m sorry you’re divided, whilst you’re big enough  for all 18 religions present on your sacred land. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the corruption, the grief, the love of power, the trash, the pollution, everything! I’m sorry… you don’t deserve the bad we’ve caused you.

Neverless… you’re beautiful. You’re great. You’re Lebanon.. My Lebanon. Our Lebanon… WE love you!


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