US Elections

Before i begin with this whole thing, i know I’m Lebanese, and i shouldn’t feel or be affected by the US elections. But i am. Ignoring the fact that i would like to pursue Political science as a major. But put that aside now. What happened in the past couple of days…. affected me.

Donald Trump won, no, i was not expecting that. Like… never. But, somehow it happened. And we must abide to that, no matter how hard it seems.
The thing that annoyed me the most, is that, the way he handles himself and the way he handles people and treats them and just acts gives me a headache.

Okay, he’s a successful man. He owns Towers and Homes and he has money that would probably end 70% of worldwide hunger, but that’s not my concern.

What he calls “Locker room talk” isn’t just “talk”. I mean, how can a man, born and raised by a WOMAN, refer to women in  that kind of style??? “Grab them by the P***Y?!?!?! Whaaaaaat ?

I mean, Mr. trump, you have girls as children. I’m pretty sure as a Dad, you wouldn’t allow any living man on this planet to refer to your daughters in that kind of way ! I doubt that you would. So how can you say such things ??

And about the way you talk about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people! Don’t get me started by that!

It sickens me to my stomach that you, not just you, any human being would talk about PEOPLE like that.

Aaaaand, you don’t “believe” in CLIMATE CHANGE ?! how appropriate ! Mr. Trump, the world is in danger, including the USA, and the way you handle this danger isn’t reducing the amount of it! You were elected a President, ACT LIKE IT.

Millions and Millions of people  are now under your wing! are you going to let them down??? are you going the leave them for dead !? Are you going to throw immigrants out of the country because you have the authority to do it? are you going to throw Muslims in jail because they are not of your religion?? are you going to treat Women or Black people in a bad way and enslave them after a LOOOONG TIRING FIGHT??

People of all kind have fought hard to earn their freedom and liberty! They’ve fought for hundred of years… and they didn’t do so, so you can take them back to the bottom, drag them down.

No, and NO.

That will not be tolerable, nor acceptable! We won’t shush and we won’t remain silent.

You have a chance Donald Trump. Use it wisely…. America is great. You are not here to make it GREAT “again”. you’re here to unite the American people and make them GREATER.


17 thoughts on “US Elections

  1. Hello! I found your blog on this weekends meet and greet. Very interesting reading someone outside of the U.S. genuine take on the election. We don’t get to hear that a lot besides what we hear from the media or celebrity and who can trust the media right?

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  2. I’m Mexican, and I was shocked by the outcome of this election too. Unfortunately, the USA is such a powerful country that whatever Americans do has consequences for the rest of the world. I was offended by many things Trump said, as a woman and as a Mexican, and right now I feel very disappointed that so many Americans think he’s the right person to be their leader. Huge disappointment.

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    1. Your words are amazing wow I am speechless. I tweeted your eloquent article. Thank you for your offer to help us.
      I met you at the meet and greet. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about.

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      1. Hi Saraa,
        I read that you subscribed! Thank you! Exciting! So glad you can continue our connection! I know many Clinton supporters here but I seem to be more passionate than most of them. I really appreciated your support.

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