Ziad Al Rahbani Play -Film Ameriki Tawil


Ziad Al Rahbani is one of my favorite artists EVER. He’s a songwriter and play writer, director and composer. He wrote many many manyyyy amazing songs sang by great Lebanese singers like Fayrouz.

As well as amazing plays like Film Ameriki Tawil ( A Long American Film). The play was written and set back in 1980, BUT it was also filmed and saved in the archives.  Not so long ago, directors and producers decided to take the archive and work on it to transform it into a real movie!

The Play is about a mental hospital where we find 9 Men. Ziad al rahbani plays the character Rachid. Each man has his own story. Rachid, for example, loves to fight and get into trouble.Abou Layla Smokes weed.and another one Is afraid of Muslims, and so on.

While the men are in the hospital, there’s an on going war. The men argue about the causes of the war and fight about  it, so the nurses try to hold them down and settle the fight. Whether it was a religious fight, where some men claim that the causes of the war are religious and caused by Muslims and Christians. Or, a fight between the big countries, where some men say that America and Russia motivated the Arab countries to fight and start a war…

The arguments have their ways… until the nurses fight within themselves.
We get this idea that the men aren’t crazy. However, each one visualizes the situation in his own way, so there are different perspectives!


The play itself and the ending isn’t my goal, my goal is to show and light on the fact that the same events that have occurred in 1980, are faced now, NOW, in 2016!

Wars are taking place for the same reasons. People are fighting each others for the same reasons! No, we are not moving forward, we’re in the same place that we’ve been in, in the mid 70s and 80s!

How is that acceptable ?

We talk about our “Evolution” yet we are not actually moving forward. Shame. Shame !


3 thoughts on “Ziad Al Rahbani Play -Film Ameriki Tawil

  1. Very interesting! For some reason, it reminded me of a movie I saw a while ago, about the war between Iran and Israel. It is a comedy, but it does bring a new light on a war that has been going on forever… And how sometimes, it is more a matter of governments fighting each other, than the countries’ people themselves… Here’s the trailer, just in case it might interest you… I really enjoyed it 🙂

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    1. Cyranny !! Thank you for leaving me a link, i’d be happy to watch it ASAP!!
      War is just a big lie we live in, i mean, our soldiers, sons and fathers aren’t the ones who are supposed to pay the price of mistakes our so called “leaders” make ! That’s just unfair i guess..
      But let’s always be positive and hope that this will all end soon!

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      1. I totally agree… It is sad to think that in 2016, we’re still making the sacrifice of so many young lives for political conflicts… Maybe if those leaders had to go fight themselves, they’d think more about solving things instead of just sending more troups…

        One person at a time, we might make the world a better place by being open and welcoming to other countries’ people 🙂 At least we still have hope 🙂 xx

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