Staring at an angel

She lost count of what period she was in… Was it her forth? Fifth? Was she in her English class or History class?

She had no clue… not at all.

She was looking past her table, across her.. a man. No no ! Not a man… an Angel.

She rested her face on her desk and looked at him.. 

” God oh God… what have you done to me ? What kind of human did you bring into my life ? 

Look at his face .. his  perfectly round face. And his hair. Brown and soft. Look at him sitting there… look at him laughing ! His smile brings endless joy, it makes me feel alive ! Just looking at him, it makes total sense.

He makes sense. He is my “sense”. God oh Dear God ! I could stare at him for ages and not feel time passing me by.. i could kiss him and not get enough of his lips ! I could spend eternity and beyond holding him, hugging him.. and never get bored !

Look at him! Trying to focus on whatever that human specie is explaining.. History? He is my past. Math? He is MY ONE and only.. Geography? I could care less about countries, he is my home. Biology ? He makes my heart skip a beat, gives my tummy butterflies and makes my head go round and round.

He is everything and everything is nothing without him!”

She sat there… thinking about him, of him. He’s her all… and without no doubt, she knew, his thoughts were exactly the same….


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