Second Model United Nations Journey

MUN season is just around the corner and I’m more than excited !!

Most of you already know that i was an MUN delegate last year, and this year * drum roll please *…. I’m a Co-Advisor !

It’s a huge step , from delegate to co advisor. 

Hopefully next year, I’ll be an official advisor! Fingers crossed ✌🏻️✌🏻️

So this Saturday the MUN club, the 10 delegates, 3 advisors and myself, are going to LAU for the first MUN session ! Now, yeah I’ll have to spend 6 hours in the cafeteria while the delegates are taking their session, but just to be at the LAU Beirut Campus feels like home !

I miss MUN. I miss writig Speeches. I miss the adventure !

This year, my club will hopefully kick ass !!

My fav MUN pic of myself !

Cheers guys ❤️


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