My Teacher taught me

Aloha ! How are you all? It is Sunday, finally! I love sundays, don’t you?
So as i told you recently, i started school. It’s been 2 weeks or so. 

Homeworks, studying, projects, more homework… it’s a lot. But that’s the ” system” i have to go by. 
I wanted to share today something the Arabic teacher and The rest of the class were discussing.
So he entered the class, introduced himself and asked us something.

” what does it mean to be your own self gardian?”

We started answering by ” It means to have self control” , ” control our behavior” ect ect..

He said :

“yes well that’s correct, but that’s not what i meant.

We live as self gardians, as waiters.

Just like the man who gards a building. He sits around and watches people come in and out. And he does nothing.

We live by that rule. We wait. We wait to start school, then we wait to graduate, then we graduate and we wait to get into college, then we get into college and wait to graduate from college. We graduate from college and wait to get a job. We get a job and we wait to buy a house. We buy a house and we wait to get married. We get married and we wait to have kids. We have kids and we wait for them grow up. And the whole cycle repeats itself.

We live by WAITING. and that’s why we’re not really alive. We are not really living. We wait for things to happen and as we wait. Life happens. Now im not saying dont be ambitious. Be ambitious, set goals and work hard. But dont just wait for things to happen. Seize the moment and truly LIVE.”
Guys… live. Dont sit around and watch people do and live and go and work. Get involved. Life is too short to just sit around and watch it happen.


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