Rise and Shine

The sound of her alarm beeping woke her up from what seemed like a long night sleep. She turned the alarm  off while she was still caught up in her sleep. One eye opened the other still  closed, but she knows she has to get out of bed and kick off her day with some coffee. One can’t function properly without coffee, right?
One leg out, the other too, she steps right out of her bed and makes her way to the kitchen, makes her coffee, just the way she likes it. Creamy and sugary. She grabs a cookie to boost her mood and goes out to the balcony.

It’s 7:00 am, not much of noise in the neighborhood, but the sound of the voices and thoughts going on in her head were wayy too loud. It seemed like a party in there.
She tries to shush the sounds by thinking about things; like what should she wear, should she let her hair down or pull it up into a ponytail, what should she order for lunch… that kind of “stuff”. Stuff normal people thing about, people who seem to have no worries at all.

She drank her last sip of coffee, put on her favorite black jeans and her red shirt, decided to braid her hair and go with the flow. She promised herself  not to think about her dumb ex boyfriend, who dumped her for not giving up her body. Or, her friends, who seem to have that image about her, you know, she’s the kind of girl who would prefer to spend her Friday night in bed, reading or watching her favorites series on Netflix, and not go out and party and fool around with some guy.  She prefers to go for a walk with her dog on a Saturday morning, rather than spend her money on clothes she doesn’t even need. and for that, she’s mixed up for being  a freak, the girl who doesn’t quite ” fit in”.

She’s okay with that. always was.

She promised herself  to make it through  the day. Happily and strong. She doesn’t want to think about those things, she doesn’t want to be upset. That’s who she is. She’s built that way.

So, based on that, she took her car keys, grabbed her student papers she has to correct, and just…. Lived.


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