She’s a supergirl

She’s the kind of woman who would give her all to others.
She’s the kind of woman who would never say that she’s tired or needs to rest.
She’s the kind of woman who never gives up.
She’s strong, she fights her battles alone, and she comes out of her storms victorious.
She’s patient.
She’s caring, she puts her loved ones before her.
She’s tender and soft.. she gives without asking.
She’s a loving friend, a sweet sister and an extraordinary mother.

And I, I’m lucky enough to call her “mom”.

Mommy, you taught me a lot, you’ve been here through it all, you’ve put up with my shit and I know you’ll always do. You raised a girl who prays each and every day to turn out as strong as you are, as loved as you are.

I look up to you and see a wonderful human being. I owe you the world, no, not just the world. The whole universe.
We- Dad, my brother and I- owe you a lot. And till the last day of my life, I’ll work twice as hard to repay you.

I wanna make you a proud momma. I promise.

And I hope, that one day, you’ll look at me and say proudly “ That’s my girl.”

I love you so so so much ! Happiest one Mom! Hope you enjoy your day!! ( you  can’t say I’m not an awesome daughter now, can you?)


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