The talk about a better world

They talk about change.
They talk about equality.
They talk about human rights.
They talk about animal rights.
They talk about education, healthcare…
They talk about the world… their own ” Perfect World. “

Well, i don’t know if you knew, but what kind of made up world are they talking about ??

A world where  RAPISTS serve a shorter period in prison than  MARIJUANA GROWERS.
A world where CHEMOTHERAPY  is legal, and CANNABIS treatment is NOT!
A world where BOYS have the right to go to school and have an education, and GIRLS are supposed to stay at home to clean and cook.
A world where WOMEN get treated in a way no human should ever be treated, and we call it” A MAN BEING A MAN”, as if it was normal.
A world where HITTING your child to DEATH is okay.
A world where ANIMALS are slaughtered.
A world where SLAVERY is still upon us, and will be upon us tomorrow.
A world where we take care of THINGS and use HUMANS.
A world where pollution surrounds us wherever we go, we breath pulled air, drink shitty water and  eat crap.
A world where FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is banned.
A world where peace is just a dream… Love is just a word… Life is just allowed for the rich and not the poor.
A world where religion separates us, where religion is turned to a curse.
A world where we educated children to kill, not to love.
A world where violence is the answer.
A world of war.
A world of greed, hate, inhuman humans, robots, heartless beings, murder, superiority…
A world, that’s not a world.

That’s not a healthy place to live, to survive. I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up in such place.
I wouldn’t want my kids to see what kind of shit people go through to earn their pay. What kind of shit people go through to breathe, to survive, to make a living.
I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up thinking that gender equality is wrong, that being gay is a disease, that money and wealth makes out of  us, “People”.

How come living in such ways is in ANY way acceptable!?
When did we turn out to be “robots”? we wake up, go to work, come back home,  sleep. and do the same thing over and over again until we close our eyes to greet our death?

Stop the killing. Stop the hate. Stop the greed.
Stop cutting down trees, polluting the water, slaughtering our animals, killing our people!

Soldiers are not fighting for our freedoms anymore, no, they’re fighting for the corrupted people we call our LEADERS.

Next time they want to declare war, let those “Leaders” fight. Not the people. Let them go one on one. They want to fight, they want war. We never asked for war! we never asked for cancer, for rape, for death!

Babies are born non-racist. Babies are born full of love. And growing up, they lose the love they have and start learning how to hate and judge and kill.

We teach kids to do that.

because that’s the “system”

you know what I SAY? F***the system. Enough with the system.
School is corrupted, organizations, countries, states, the world is a corruption itself.


I was told that the corrupted leaders are the 1%, and the people are the 99%. That’s why we, the people, are the power. But we’re not anymore, it’s the opposite.

They’re the 99%, and the people who want to put an end to this crap are the 1% now.

But never fear, even if we’re down to one person, we will not give up.

I will not give up.

We’re going to change the world and make it  a better place, face it…..

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”


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