Blogging? Why did i do that?

Hello there beautiful people! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend ! 🙂 I know i am.

So, i’ve been asked a lot ” Why do you blog?” ; ” How did it all start for you?” ; ” when? ” ; ” For what reason..” .. you know, the usual questions every blogger gets asked. And sometimes i just pause and don’t answer. I pause. I think : ” Really, Why?”

See, reasons change throughout the journey, you fulfill some of your wants and new needs come up, so your reasons change. Let’s face it, we all have reasons. We have a reason to live, to do things, to say things, to think a certain way, to feel, to breathe… And i, as any other human being, have my reasons.

You know, growing up, you start searching for things to please you, things you can find yourself doing and enjoying and evolving. We search for new hobbies, new weird fetishes. We find that one thing, that specific thing, that makes us really happy, and we do that .

As for me, it was kinda hard, finding MY own thing.

I tried drawing, dancing, singing, gymanstics…. i tried a lot of things. and in every new thing, i’d find a piece of myself. But i never felt complete. No one’s complete.. right?

But i found the piece i was missing the most when i started writing, writing anything. Essays, birthday paragraphs, even songs. Yeah well, the song thing didn’t turn out so great, but it’s still writing.

My cousin, is a blogger. She’s been so for the past 7 or 8 years. She’s a lifestyle blogger…And she’s awesome.

So one day in February, we were taking pics for her blog, kind of a photoshoot. And i was like, what does it take to become a blogger?

I had no idea what a blogger is, i just knew a blogger writes. But it turns out, it’s wayyyy more than that. It’s a passion.

So she told me all about the process, and i did it. I started my own blog, found a cute name, and wrote my first blog post, almost 2 YEARS AGO.

2 years… Wow.

I started blogging because i thought it was something new i should try… and i ended up loving it SO SO much. It became an obsession, a need.

I really can’t function normally without it.

I have a voice, and sadly, my voice can’t be heard so easily. My blog is my tool. It’s my VOICE. I say things here i wouldn’t say out loud. I don’t have enough courage to be so open in person, as i do while writing.
It’s my gateaway place.

It’s my LIFE.

I wanna write and make people smile and happy and passionate. I want people to say ” Wow, she’s a goddamn good writer.” I want to get my book published, i want to write.

So why do i blog?

Because i breathe. It’s my “thing”.

I met amazing people here. It’s a whole new word.. and i fell for it. I would never stop writing or blogging, even if i suck at it or ain’t good enough. I’ll be, someday. I’ll evolve. That’s my plan.

So for all those who wonder what their “thing” is, find what makes you complete, what makes you, you. And do that for the rest of your life. Don’t lose your passion or your motivation.

Thank you for each and every one of your for your support and help. I wouldn’t have gone through a year and a half (  almost 2) of blogging. Thank you.

So here, you got my response. Now you kinda know why i blog, so what about YOU, why do YOU blog?


5 thoughts on “Blogging? Why did i do that?

  1. I think it’s very important to sit back once in a while and look back to how far we have come. This was a great post describing your journey. Keep blogging love! 💟


  2. Yes! So true!! I’ve been trying to explain why i write and this exactly it. I have a strong voice but i can’t let it out in words as i’m too shy, i need to write it instead.

    Liked by 1 person

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