An unwated bond

She was such a beauty, medium height, hazel eyes, red full cheeks. Her smile was bright and shiny. She never had a “model” kind of body, but she was happy with her curves. And what made her special? Her long long brown curly hair. She felt like she lived for them as they did for her. Nobody ever understood that kind of bond she had with her hair. She used to take care of them. Wash them and braid them perfectly. But sometimes they gave her a headache, she was still okay with that.

When she went to get her hair done at the Salon , her hairdresser used to get a pain in his hands, for her hair was long and so hard to straighten up. She was okay with that. 

Her mom wasn’t 

Her dad wasn’t …

“Go get a haircut” They said.

“Oh dear darling, cut your hair” said her grandma.

She never listened. They were hers, her, and only HER could decide their fate.

Until one day… 

She woke up with scissors facing her rounded head. 

” what’s going on?!” She said hesitating. 

” it’s time my love! We’re sorry”

What? What could those words mean! She thought to herself.

Time? Time for what?? 

As she got out of her bed, she knew. They cut her hair.

She wanted to cry, scream, scream as loud as her voice could allow her. But instead, she sobbed to herself, realising that there is nothing she could do. No time machine, no spell, nothing could give her hair back.

She went on living her days as sad as she possibly could, for they never knew… They didn’t just cut her hair. They took a part of her…


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