A Soul in love

She was alone, standing in a massive field. No one was there, no sign of life, except her own beating heart.

No green trees, no car noise, no houses.. no nothing.
It was her and only her.
But what was she doing there? The last thing she remembers she was walking down the street at night, dark and mysterious night, and now.. it seems like she’s lost.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps, loud footsteps. How could it be? she thought she was the only living thing there. So she waited, waiting is all she could do.

A cold -dead- hand touches her neck, caressing her. She turns fast; She turns and as soon as she pulls her hand up to hit what’s behind her,  she freezes.

She just stood there, her heart skipping a beat. It was Him.

Her dear long loved man…
“What… What are  you doing here?”
-“Shh.. come with me.” He said so calmly.
“But..” i paused. “where to? ”
-“No where , and everywhere, all at once.” he smiled.

Ohh.. that smile! That half mind-blowing smile of his. She took his hand without giving it a second thought, and, the second her skin touched his, everything turned colorful again. The whole nature turned bright.

And then i knew… i was  dreaming.
a soul in love


N.B: This is my first short story EVER.Write down all of your criticism in the comment box 🙂 Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it ! 


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