You write, I read -Share-

Hello Hello 🙂 How’s everybody doing today ? Its Friday !!! I hope you guys enjoy  your weekend, be happy and do something fun !

Thank you for those who participated in last week’s You write, I read!! It was a pleasure, a great pleasure of mine, reading your masterpieces ! You guys are awesomely talented writers and i’m so glad that i get to read what you write. Thank you for sharing !

My part kicks in now, i can’t but share your art 🙂 ! What you write deserves to be read. And i always feel like i need to help others to get exposed and be read even more. A little help never hurt nobody, right :)?

So, here are this week’s participants.

This man here writes beautiful short stories. I really enjoy reading his stories.  He shared an amazing one about a boy who loves his grandpa !Who doesn’t?
Link :

Suffering and not  able to make up your mind? We’ve all been there ! Read Dean’s story and how he was put in this same situation.. He even went and studied abroad in the past ! 🙂
Link :

Sometimes the closest people to us have some kind of obstacles they have to overcome, how about if they were our own kids? On this blog, Robyn shares his journey with his two kids who have autism. I gotta tell you, They are little heroes.
Link :

This girl takes the most AMAZING pictures, moreover, i fell in love with her writing style. Her words will definitely get through you. I mean, Great pictures and awesome writing? What’s not to love!
Links :

Last but not least, this beautiful talented sweetheart whose writing is just so complete. I can’t find more words to describe the way she writes and what she writes !
Links :

Again, thank you guys for participating !! Keep on writing, and don’t forget to participate again next time !! 🙂

Much love for all of you beautiful people 🙂


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