I miss home. These past 3 days were full of “going out” and plans. So yeah, I haven’t been at home for 3 days now ! I miss home, but it was worth it !

Tuesday was my last day at work !! I know I’ll miss work, feeling responsible, and the kids!! Ohhhh my kids 😭

My beautiful kids ❤️❤️❤️

They had an art exhibition where they exposed all of the kids’ crafts. After that, they had a show that included the kids’ dance and they brought a clown and a gymnast.

It was amazing!!

On Wednesday i had a trip, also organised by my work director. It was a trip to Tannourine. They had all the monitors gathered up. It was a good way to say our farewell. We spent the day together. We ate lunch next to the river and played cards. 

I went home at 7 pm and i had my cousin waiting for me. I was sleeping over at her place at Dora. We took off from Roumieh at 8 pm and drove to The Village Dbaye where we ate lunch at an awesome Bar. 

Today, i went with my gorgeous cousin to work. She works at Haigazian University. I really enjoyed meeting the students and discovering the Campus. I put this college as one of my top 3 colleges. 

We went to City center afterwards to eat lunch, we were STARVING. It  was indeed a day well spent ! 

Believe me, going out of the village to Beirut and spending some time there is a MUST.

So… That’s pretty much how my week went so far! How about yours ???

N.b : a new recipe will be posted real soon, and the shares of ” You write, I Read” too. Stay tuned! 


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