The Fam

Hey guys !! Hope you’re all having a wonderful monday.. Start your week with Joy and hope☺️

As we all know, August 15th is Mother Mary’s day, so as a celebration, my Parents and I went to Harissa, Lady of Lebanon. 

We decided to kick off our day with some prayers and a good promenade. 

As all families, my family fights and argues. Normal… Right?? Today my parents seemed happy and they were getting along. Which made me super happy☺️

Such car rides and visits bring us all together. We sing in the car, my dad cracks some jokes, we talk about our future, our past. What we should do. Most of the times we end up doing nothing,but at least we have something to talk about. My brother wasn’t able to come with us, he was too tired. But it was okay. 

Our Lady ❤️

The view is just breathtaking. You literally see a whole village from up there. The sea was bright blue.. And the sky was cloudy. Unusual summer day🤔

Then we got down and light up some candles and said our prayers…

And here are my amazing kickass parents ❤️❤️❤️

May God bless you all, you and your families. I wish you all Health and Happiness ☺️
Have a wonderful week ❤️


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