A little about myself

Hello beautiful people !! How you doin’??? –Joey Tribbiani Style- Hope you’re all okay and most importantly, happy.

So i thought i tell you guys a little about myself and where i grew up .. I really like it when people get to know me, especially you. All of you.

I grew up in a small town in Lebanon. There were hardly any teenagers or kids to play with, other than my brother, my cousin who lives right next to us and well, myself.

Since i was a little kid, my Dad raised Dogs. Since day 1 i grew up playing with my dogs and the tradition continues, i now have Lucky and Leo. We had cats too… LOTS OF THEM. But half of them died or got lost, so now i have Sushi and Bing. 

I remember my first horse.. Ranine. My brother and i used to horse ride all the time. 2 years ago, and after years and years without a horse, my dad finally decided to get a new Horse. And I’m glad we did. His name is Kash.

And we always had chickens… FRESH EGGS. So as you can see, my childhood revolves around animals and the forest. My house is literally built in the forest. We’re surrounded by trees and plants my grandparents and dad grow. Therefore everything we eat is fresh and from home. vegetables, fruits… 

I always loved it here. I used to accompany my dad to the forest where he grew our plants and help him out. I used to ride my bike for hours, take the dogs for walks, play with my cats.. I even had a small wooden board which i used when I pretended to be a teacher. 

My childhood was carefree.. Fun.. Clean… Just like those we see in the movies. 

But growing up and becoming a teen, i slowly let go of my childhood traditions. I stopped going down to the forest, horse riding every day, playing with the cats.. Until recently when i decided that i should take advantage of my time here and enjoy it. Enjoy the sun. The animals. The farm. The planting… And so, i did.

Fresh potatoes!

My cousin’s cat.

Bing !

Bing and Sushi!!

Sunset View
Autumn Leaf
Sunset View
Morning View


Here are some pics i took .. And, here’s where i live . 

So i hope you guys got to know me a little bit better !☺️

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