Guardian Angel

How crazy it must be to think about being guarded 24/24 and 7/7. The thought of having a guardian angel, guiding you, accompaning you through every life event, being there even if unseen. Well i must say, i believe every human being has a Guardian Angel. 

The idea first sounded more than crazy, but going through so many hard and difficult situations, being saved from death, literally, made me believe. So yeah i have faith in that. 

I was told about how my little cousin fell from the balcony, but it’s not just that. The floor was filled with rocks and bricks because there was some kind of construction, and there was this little space between two bricks. And guess what? My cousin literally fell between them. If you had seen it, you’d say someone must have picked him up and put him between the two bricks. 

The other story is that, i was sick and sleeping next to my mom . I do that often when I don’t feel safe or good. So we were sleeping. And it was like 1 or 2 am… And suddenly i heard screams and yelling, i woke up terrified… I saw my mom sleeping but screaming for help. I knew she was dreaming. I started pushing her so she’d wake up.. After a few, she finally woke up, scared as hell. She told me: who’s that? Who’s at the door? 

I looked and saw no one, i told her : Mom are you okay? There’s no one. Are you okay?? 

She stood up and walked for a bit she came back and said : just go to sleep.. Im okay.

The following day i asked her about it, about her nightmare. She told me everything. And then she said ” when you were waking me up, i saw someone at the door, i thought it was your brother, but the man was wearing white. All white. And he was watching me. I had no clue of who he was.”

And then i thought that yeah, maybe it’s her guardian angel watching over her.
Just remember that you have someone watching over you. Call it whatever you wanna call it. But it’s a guardian angel. Protecting you, keeping you safe, watching over you. 

Believe me, whenever you’re scared or sad or upset, keep that thought in mind. You’ll feel better ☺️


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