2nd day at home

Well, this is my 3rd day being sick and my 2nd day off from work and at home.

I hate being sick, i mean, who doesn’t ? Okay, im spending time at home instead of work but.. I miss work. I do.

I feel useless when im sick. I spend most of my time in bed, i have no appetite. And i have NOTHING to do expect sleep, take medicines, and watch TV. 

I went to see a doctor yesterday because my fever wasn’t getting down.. He told me it’s a virus i need to rest for the rest of the week. He gave me a couple of pills, antibiotics and something to get my fever down.

But most importantly, i remembered when i was still so young and i used to get sick and my mom would never leave my side.  She would wake up in the middle of the night just to check up on me. These couple of days she’s been so busy with my sickness that she forgot her own. Im so grateful and thankul for her. I wouldn’t be able to get through anything without her. Moms are a blessing

So here’s to all the Moms reading this now 🍷 y’all are amazing !!! 

And now you know how I’ve been spending the last couple of days.. I hope i get better soon so i can get back to work !

Enjoy the rest of your week ❤️


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