You write, I read.

Heyy Guys!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday.

So, i just finished the book i was reading, working on the review.

And I felt the urge to take a couple of hours to read what YOU guys write. Soooooo that’s why i want you to leave 1, 2, even 10 links to the posts you wrote, recent, old… Whatever it is: Recipes, Reviews, thoughts.. WHATEVER it is.

Leave a link. I’ll check every single one of them and I’ll discuss the subject through the comments.

I really want you guys to participate, so don’t be shy!!

Leave a link, I’ll read, like, comment and I’ll gather some of the very best and share them next week in another post!

Tick tock… I’m waiting!!


36 thoughts on “You write, I read.

    1. Hello 😍
      I actually loveee reading poems !
      It’s nice to see people giving their time to write songs and poems these days.
      Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot !!
      Hope you like my blog and what’s on it ☺️
      Have a wonderful Sunday❤️

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    1. I love the name of your blog!! Does it have a meaning or something??
      Being a mom is hard but i admire that you find time to do your own thing!!
      None of us here are experts no matter how long it has been since we first blogged ☺️
      Welcome to WordPress and i really hope you keep on blogging, I’d be more than happy to read what you write !!
      Have a wonderful week ❤️


      1. Twelve biscuits was what was left in the packet on the table in front of me when I was trying to think of a name for the blog haha!! No other hidden meaning except that my friends and I often joke about the impossibility of ever having ‘just one’ biscuit!

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  1. Hello Saraa 🙂

    Such a lovely invitation to share… If you still have a little reading time on your hands, I’d like to invite you to discover a good friend of mine, and very creative mind 🙂 Here’s a childhood memories recalling I really like;

    Feel free to also pay me a visit…. But my blog is very amateurish, just enjoying myself online 🙂

    Good reading, and I’ll visit some of your visitors’ pages myself !!

    Cyranny xx

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