Time of our lives

Hello hello 🤗

Came back from work, typical day. We- Kids and I- had a trip today. We took them to Rayfoun to Fun Zone. It wasn’t the most FUN thing but they enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters.

It was too sunny, too hot, too tiring. But it’s just part of the job.

4 week down, 3 weeks to go! Almost done eh?

So, i came back, my mom was out with her friend, she deserves a couple of hours off from the “Mom” job. She had fun, that’s what she said. I read a little, well actually, from 5 till 8. A little. 

And then the thought of something important hit me, just like that. 

” Now, here, THIS is the time of my life. NOW is when I start creating memories, living the stories I imagine myself telling my kids, just enjoying my life while I’m young.

Now. In a couple of years I’ll be worrying about bills, real work, a lot of Adult things. And that’s when Life happens. 

Now. Now is when I’m supposed to take real risks, go on adventures and make friends. Friends that I can picture at my wedding. 

Who am i kidding… Life is happening now. Every plan i make with my friends, every meal at the restaurant, every day at the park, every car ride…. Those little moments..

These are the times of MY life… And yes, I’m going to cherish them forever. Not just cherish, ENJOY AND LIVE. “


8 thoughts on “Time of our lives

  1. Keep shredding. Those hours on that tiring job will make the other “little things” exponentially more cherishable. You’re gonna be somebody one day, i say that because i know you personally. Hope i can see you again.

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  2. Think of it as more of a mental state in which we view the world in very similar ways. MUN was just a meeting ground. I think i owe you an explanation for many things that happened recently leaving this blog as my only means of communication. Contact me when you can. Cheers

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  3. I am sure you will do well in life, even after ‘now’ .What a lovely way you have captured this phase when we would feel like it is the best phase of our life. It is pretty accurate. Well keep writing I enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

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  4. Hi Sara! Great post. You’re so right about how we can so easily miss the significance of the present. A good reminder. Even when we get older! Every day, a chance to live and cherish, and remember how precious every moment is.

    Today my 16 year old daughter can barely walk, and is spending the day (with her other mother) going to a doctor. But instead of feeling sorry for herself, she tells me about how glad she is that she doesn’t have some deadly disease, it’s just screwed up feet and knees, that may or may not be fixable.

    And I wish there was something more I could do, but instead I make a batch of perfect biscuits, and sit and enjoy one with berries and butter, sitting in the sun.

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    1. It’s so amazing that your daughter knows that having what she has is better than having something even worse!
      Her soul is pure.
      And you know what? She must remember that for the rest of her life. We all have imperfections. I wear glasses, i cant see without them. The world may see it like something normal or whatever but it is an imperfection.
      I really hope your daughter gets better and never let her lose hope or faith.
      Enjoy your time with her.
      Thank you so much for sharing. It really opened up my heart again and I’m so grateful for your honesty.
      We must appreciate what we have…. Before loosing it.

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