What’s the hardest thing to do when you’re face to face to another person?? I might say, communicating.
Few years ago, I found it hard to communicate.. I was shy. So I just stood there and said nothing..year after year, I started participating more in conversations; which felt great.

Hence, I never understood the “rules” of communication, you know, like your posture, hand gestures, ton, voice, everything. I’ve learned a few things back when I was in MUN, but today was the day where I understood each and every side of communication.

There’s this organization here in Lebanon called “ Waznat”. The noun “Waznat” means in English : Gifts. Your gifts, talents…
My school brought one representative from the organization, her name is Nidaa Jabbour. She told us about everything concerning communication, what to do, what to avoid, how to act properly…

We did this test where a row of 5-6 persons are blindfolded and the last person isn’t. the job of this last person, or, the leader, is to guide the row of people to get the ball and put it in the basket. They cannot speak, they only can communicate through a physical communication. For ex : tapping on the right shoulder to move to the right.

Luckily, my team one. And the reason we one is because we were able to understand the gestures and be very well organized.

That’s when I knew the importance of communicating with one another, and, furthermore, most of the problems today are the result of the lack of communication. We just don’t wanna LISTEN. We act like we do, but sadly, we don’t.

Think about it, when you’re fighting with your bestfriend or [choose a person], you just can’t listen to what he says. You nod and say “well okay” and you just continue with whatever you want to say. And this goes on and on, cause let’s face it, the obstacles we put ourselves while communicating, cause us much bigger problems.

So now my friends I tell you, Listen, Understand, and try to Relate.

Have a nice Saturday !


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