Reading experience II

As promised, i want to share with you guys what i felt and thought and imagined when reading The perks of being a wallflower.
and btw, i just finished watching the movie.

Now, about the movie… not as good as the book.. but still… WOW.
It’s just nice to see those characters you’ve imagined right there acting and playing the role and reading out loud whats been scripted from the book and you feel like “wow, i know this , i know what he might say back..”

So now, it’s a whole package of feelings.

God… i couldn’t relate more or feel more.. it’s like i was there, being a wallflower myself, watching them. NOT participating. watching. observing and understanding.

Charlie… he’s ME in many ways.. so many ways. i understand him. i understand why he kept quiet and didn’t  say anything to Sam, Asking her out or anything. i understand how he could keep “Little Secrets”. I understand his love for reading, his passion. I understand how he put everyone ahead of him and how he cares… i do.

As for Sam, i can relate to her old relationships. Going out with assholes (sorry about that), how she wanted to be free.  How she’s there.

Patrick.. My ultimate favorite ! He’s crazy, insane, just like me ! Well… im not THAT crazy but heyy.. it still counts. I love how he’s different. How he’s honest and funny. How he was there for Charlie… Everything.

I actually liked Mary Elizabeth. I don’t know why but i did.

Now.. The ending. UGHHHHHH. i cried. yes. i admit… I DID.
Just watching Charlie imaging it all again. Seeing things again… remembering what he went through with his aunt.. How bad that must’ve been. But, the thing i loved the most was when his friends and family were there and supported him and didn’t treat him any differently.That’s AWESOME.

And how Charlie and Sam got along in the end.. even though she was going for college and he got almost 1095 days left to graduate. But i guess if that were true, the whole story… i think they could’ve made it work. And Patrick would’ve found the love of his life..

Although i got upset they didn’t mention Nirvana or Pink Floyd.. as they did in the book.. but David Bowie was there. so YEY!

oh… i forgot to mention the English teacher. GOD I WISH MINE WERE LIKE HIM. I WANT  BOOKS. FEED ME BOOKS.

So.. fellows. as you can see. i love the book and the movie, and i’m quite IN LOVE with the story. So thank you Stephen for writing this.

And at this moment… we were INFINITE.




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