22…. Gone but never over (II)

22 years have passed since the one and only  punk rock legend committed suicide, since the world have lost a one in a lifetime kind of human, singer, specie.

My dearest Kurt..

I never had the chance to meet  you, talk to you, see you… Sadly.
But, for almost 2 years now, each and every time i put a Nirvana song, i feel you there… Like you haven’t left.
For almost 2 years, i’ve spent days reading about you, hearing your songs, watching some old live concerts of yours, spending hours enjoying your interviews… I feel like i know you. i DO know you.

Somehow… whoever hears your songs… like truly LISTENS to your lyrics and pays attention to your voice… that person has the chance to know you.My Man… i’m lucky.

Kurt… whenever i read your note… the damn note you left… i shed a tear. it haunts me. i keep thinking like ” WHY? WHY KURT ? YOU COULD’VE HANDLED IT DIFFERENTLY!!”
But you know what… that bewitched thought of committing suicide and dying. that goddamn thought that kept on going round and round in your head… until. One day, on April 5th 1994, you pulled the trigger and took your  own life away.

My  Boy…  My boy… don’t lie to me ! you never lied to me.. us, your fans, your family. Your songs are our #1 proof.

” There’s something in the way that made you smell like teen spirit, that made you the only man who sold the world, that made us know you’re right.But, yes, you’re dumb, a negative creep, you lived in your own lake of fire, which  made you burn and scream : ” I hate myself and i want to die ! ” But kurt… you remember that ” Jesus doesn’t want you for sunbeam“? Boyyy, I wanna drain you, for keeping me trapped in your heartshaped box ! Kurt… Oh me

Kurt Donald Cobain. I’m proud. Proud to be a  called “Addicted” to you and your music, proud to be called a punk fan, proud of being a Nirvana Fan. Proud that YOU are You. That you’ve joined club 27.
Truth is, We miss you. We all wish you were still here among us. We love you !
Say hi to Jimi Hendrix and James Dean !!
club 27


6 thoughts on “22…. Gone but never over (II)

      1. I’ve nominated you for this 😊 The Liebster Award
        Ok so I’d never heard of this ‘award’ before, I’m aware of some of the things that go on in the blogging community but this certainly wasn’t one of them. Apparently, it’s the community’s way of basically saying they like what you do, and it’s a way of older bloggers to encourage the younger generation which […]
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  1. The only song I have from Nirvana is Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’ve read two blog posts today about Cobain suicide. I’ve not taken much time to listen to the song lyrics either. I have noticed that most rock fans and stars preach dying and death. They have a way of making it look like it’s no big deal. I have read of a boy who hanged himself after so much listening to some black metal or whatever it is. This situation saddens me. I love rock music, I like the lyrics but why does some of us gotta be so gloomy and depressed?

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    1. Okay.. well, the things is -in my personal opinion- is that you know when you have a cup that’s half full,half empty.. some may see the empty part, while the others, see it half full. What im trying to say is that punk/rock/metal music is quite the same, it can encourage you to take the negative dark path ( it’s your call anyways) or, you can see the bright side, like okay Kurt Cobain killed himself, the age of 27, imagine what would it be like if he hasn’t, for me, im going to find out…. personally. Nirvana and other bands are MY source of inspiration and motivation, although their lyrics, most of them, are depressing as hell… it all comes back to the person himself… you see…

      P.S: i suggest you listen to more of Nirvana’s song. 🙂


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