If we were having coffee

Hello there !

Well, i just saw the “if we were having coffee” most bloggers are writing about… so i thought, i’d  join ! 🙂  *This is dedicated for a significant one*


If we were having coffee..
i think i’d loose myself looking at you….loose myself watching you talk about your studies, your friends, how you’re so caught up with your university… how you’re studying hard to get that degree…

If we were having coffee..
I’d put all of our stupid fights and differences aside, and enjoy your presence.
I’d just  go with the flow.. act normal.. smile and laugh and crack some useless jokes only because i know they’d make you smile. I’d tell about my new writing ideas, school, friends, how my life is going… routine but who cares. It’s YOU.

If we were having coffee..
Damn, i wish we were. I’d try to tell you how much i missed you. how i missed our long talks, our summer nights, our jokes, our fights, what we had. but i know i wouldn’t say a thing. i can’t.

if we were having coffee..
I’d make sure we talk about the life we used to plan on living, the future. Your future. Mine. I’d tell you that i wanna be part of that. in any way.

If we were having coffee…. Wait.
We won’t have coffee.

You’re there, probably sitting on your chair, in front of your desk, studying. Leaving your phone somewhere where if i call you to invite you to have a cup of coffee with you and hang out, you wouldn’t hear it ringing.



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