Who am I?

To be or not to be… that is the question. -thought I’d kick it off with Shakespeare.


I’m the girl who used to get what she wanted, each day, everyday.
I got my phone when i was 11, after my parents made a clear statement that I’ll get one when i pass grade 9 or so.
I used to go out with my friends and walk around hoods and malls and villages after my family has told me that “Girls don’t go around walking neighborhoods like that”

But, it’s not about the phone, the nights out, the clothes…. its about a certain state of mind.

I’m the girl who’s been called “unusual”, “strict”, the kind of person who, when wants something, gets it. “ambitious”.
I used to think that they used to call me these names just because i was little and cute. But is that it?

what’s unusual about me  ?
I don’t have those tall fit legs, in fact, mine are bruised because of all the falling down and and hurting myself while playing when i was little.
I don’t have the 6 packs or flat tummy i always wanted, not because it’s impossible, but because i never had that “will” to cut off chocolate for a month or so.
I don’t have a clear beautiful skin, i’ve been struggling from acne for god knows how long now.
I used to believe that I can change the world : “Cut off all the dreaming!” they said.

I’ve been told that this is all some kind of a phase every teen goes through it; That at some point all teens thought that they are able to change the world, but, as soon as they turned 20 or 18, they gave up. They gave up because it seemed impossible, the outside world is too rough.

But is it?

What about those who sacrificed everything and never gave up? What about those who died refusing to give up? what about William Wilberforce, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank… more and more and moreeee people who changed history and made a difference !

so… you know what ? I WON’T give up.


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